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APS commitment to corporate citizenship

In a time of a recovering economy and fierce competition between businesses, many corporations often forget their responsibilities outside of generating profits. Arizona Public Service is not one of them.

APS is committed to what they call, “corporate citizenship,” which means putting the needs of the community and as a high priority for the corporation.

President, chairman and CEO of APS, Don Brandt, said corporate citizenship isn’t just responsible from a community standpoint, but from a business one as well.

“Where we can have lasting positive impact we should,” he said. “…Good will and trust are becoming increasingly valuable currency.”

APS has been investing in Arizona since its creation more than 125 years ago. It continues to do so today by making sensible energy decisions for the viability of the environment.

In 2013, 39.2 percent of APS’s total waste was diverted from landfills through their Inventory Recovery recycling program. The company produces over 1,000 megawatts of energy from renewable resources, which is enough to power 250,000 homes, and by 2025 plans to generate 15 percent of its power from renewable resources.

APS also supports local businesses in order to further promote the Arizona economy. The company spends about $1 billion locally, creating a total impact of about $3.5 to $4 billion a year and 40,000 jobs in the state economy. It also has a business mentorship program which has helped many small business owners be successful, like Brady and Shaun Breese, owners of an Arizona baking company.

“It did amazing things for our business,” they said. “In fact, if it weren’t for the APS AAAME program we wouldn’t be in business today.”

The company also supports our service members, with about 21 percent of its workforce consisting of veterans and a nationally-recognized Troops to Energy Jobs program.

Finally, APS and its employees are corporate citizens through their philanthropic initiatives. Employees volunteered for 130,000 hours in 2013, which is a $2.8 million value.

There are many companies in today’s society that feel a responsibility to their communities, yet there are also many that ignore these responsibilities because of their commitment to profit. APS strives to give back to Arizona through many avenues, which is the essence of their corporate citizenship philosophy, as Brandt explained.

“There is a feel good aspect to this, but more importantly it is just good business,” he said.