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What you should know about APS

APS has been in the business of providing Arizona with energy for 128 years. Along with being the largest electric utility company in the state, KTAR has deemed it a World Class Arizona business. Here are some things you should know about the company that is more than likely to be keeping your lights on.

The basics:

• APS started in 1886, when founder Hutchlon Ohnick was granted Phoenix’s electric franchise which later became Phoenix Illuminating Gas & Electric Light Company

• It services 11 of the 15 counties in Arizona

• It has a delivery area spanning over 34,000 miles

• It serves 1.2 million customers

How the power is generated:

• APS runs the largest nuclear power plant in the country: the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

• This plant generates 30 percent of APS’s power

• By 2025, APS aims to generate 15 percent of its power from renewable resources

Commitment to customers:

• From the executives to the linemen to the call center employees, there are 6,400 employees working for APS

• The call center takes about 5 million calls per year

• In the 2014 J.D. Power U.S. Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey, APS placed fifth nationally among 54 large investor-owned utilities

• In 2013, APS customers had less than one outage for the year

Community outreach:

• APS employees and families volunteer about 130,000 hours per year to charity, which translates to nearly $3 million in service

• Each year APS and its employees donate over $4 million to United Way

What the employees say:

• “You have many people that come together every day with one goal, and that’s to generate a megawatt. And it takes all of them working together to be successful.” – Mark Schiavoni, executive vice president of operations

• “I work in an environment where we make a difference. We’re providing power to a lot of folks right now who are living in 115 degree heat and it’s nice to see them using the energy we’re generating to keep their families cool.” – Dave Moya, senior manager of Palo Verde maintenance projects

• “We really look at energy efficiency as a resource. So energy efficiency, just like natural gas or solar power, is one of the ways we meet the needs of Arizona’s energy future.” – Tom Hines, energy efficiency program manager

• “I think the main key is to continue to focus on what is the most important thing. And the most important thing for APS is to serve our customers and to do a darn good job at serving our customers.” – Brad Albert, general manager of resource management