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CEO talks to KTAR News about why APS is World Class Arizona

As one of the largest energy producers in the country, Arizona Public Service, or APS, has a monumental effect on Arizona’s communities and economy. APS’s chairman of the board, president and CEO, Don Brandt, sat down with Pat McMahon of KTAR News on Wednesday to discuss APS and why APS is “World Class Arizona.”

Every time a company has an impact on its surrounding community, it must start with the individuals. Brandt said these individuals are precisely what make APS special, as the company approaches its 128th birthday in Arizona.

“I’m proudest of the people,” he said.

These people are encouraged by the company to hold leadership positions on their community boards and associations because of APS’s philosophy of being a good corporate citizen. Also part of this philosophy is philanthropy, as just last year, APS and the APS Foundation contributed close to $10 million to the community, with an emphasis on funding efforts related to education.

APS also strives to keep its business in Arizona to help other Arizonans prosper financially. The company spends about $1 billion locally, supporting Arizonan vendors in the hope that they too, will keep their business in the state. The total impact of these efforts is about $3.5 to $4 billion a year and 40,000 jobs in the Arizona economy.

When it comes to sustainability, APS is working to develop 15 percent of its energy via renewable resources by 2025, as well as working to sustain the viability of the communities it serves.

“We want to do the right thing,” Brandt said. “The success of our communities is the success of APS.”