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Change your frown to a smile in five easy steps

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Happiness is relative, and you alone have the power to feel happier. There are five easy ways to be more positive, according to ABC 15.

First, be thankful. Make a list of the 10 things you are most grateful for in your life. Next, be generous. Helping others will make you feel like a better person, and you will be benefiting both yourself and the person you are helping.

The next step is to just breathe. Focus on controlling your breathing and taking longer breathes when you’re upset or sad. Then, meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways to change your mood and allows you to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.

Negative thoughts are hazardous. When you maintain a negative attitude, it can make your day miserable and hinder your potential for success. It can also make others dislike you, and nobody wants to be known as a “Negative Nancy.”

Lastly, visualize success and what you want out of of life. Being negative simply takes more energy, so concentrate on replacing your negative, sad thoughts with positive ones. You’ll see more success and feel more fulfilled, says ABC 15.

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