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More bad news for Obama as approval ratings slip

PHOENIX — It’s more bad news for Obama.

Back in April, NBC and the Wall Street Journal conducted a joint poll that showed President Barack Obama’s approval ratings on the rise.

But a new NBC/WSJ poll on the president’s approval rate is now saying, “Not so fast.”

At 41 percent, the president’s rating has dropped three points from April, while his foreign policy rating has fallen to 37 percent, his all-time low, according to NBC News

Overall, 54 percent of Americans said “he can no longer lead the country and get the job done for the remainder of his term.”

The poll says Ukraine-Russia tensions, the VA and Bowe Bergdahl controversies and now the current situation in Iraq have knocked the president back down again with a one-two punch.

For more on public opinion and what this could mean for the Republican party, click here.

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