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Do you know when you should tip?

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Sure — we all know it’s proper to tip the wait staff at restaurants, but what about other, less obvious situations?

CNN Money has you covered.

1. Exterminator

Exterminators “who treat a specific infestation,” should typically be tipped. On average, however, only 20-25 percent of customers do.

2. Cable guy

While major cable providers have protocols in place that discourage their employees to accept tips, it’s a good rule of thumb to at least offer one. Tips don’t have to be monetary, either. Feel free to offer the cable installer some cold water or perhaps lunch.

3. Spray tanner

Most people, women, especially, know that hair salons, tips are usually expected. Makeup, tanning and full-service salons are often overlooked in the tip department, however.

4. Dry cleaner

If your local dry cleaner doesn’t have a tip jar, at least ask if you can leave a tip. Small, non-monetary tokens of appreciation are also acceptable, especially if a major stain was removed from a beloved garment.

5. Road service employee

While the employee is most likely getting paid a salary, it is polite to at least try to offer one, especially if the weather is less than ideal or it’s very late — or very early — in the day.

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