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Official: MH 370 search may be most difficult ‘in human history’

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Could the search for missing Malaysian Air flight MH 370 be the most difficult in human history? The Australian prime minister thinks so.

According to CNN, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave the ominous opinion Thursday.

Abbott warned that “we cannot be certain of ultimate success in the search” for the Malaysian aircraft. He described it as the most difficult search “in human history.”

Abbott’s statement came several hours before ships armed with black box-detecting technology took to the southern Indian Ocean in an attempt to find the plane though with little promise.

“Really, the best we can do right now is put these assets in the best location — the best guess we have — and kind of let them go,” U.S. Navy Cmdr. William Marks told CNN. “Until we get conclusive evidence of debris, it is just a guess.”

Another Australian official, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, said the search still has a “long way to go.”

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