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Malaysian government losing all credibility in plane search

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Can the Malaysian government do anything right in the search for missing flight MH 370?

According to CBS, the latest gaffe from the officials who are leading the search for the craft is the last words heard from the pilots.

It was originally believed the final transmission from the pilots was “all right, good night,” before being altered Monday. Malaysian officials said they are still investigating what was actually said.

“This sort of mistake hits at the heart of trust in their communications. If Malaysia is changing what the pilot said, people start thinking, ‘What are they going to change next?” said Hamish McLean, an expert in risk and crisis communication at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

“Information in a crisis is absolutely critical. When we are dealing with such a small amount of information its needs to be handled very carefully,” he said.

A critical eye has been focused on Malaysia since the flight went missing and the country’s credibility is only falling with each passing error, false announcement or lack of information.

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