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Report: Health worker gets Obamacare coverage for $3

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A health care worker has reportedly purchased new insurance under the Affordable Care Act at a total cost of $3.16 per month.

According to NBC News, it took JoAnn Smith more than two months, multiple visits to the embattled website and multiple calls to get the coverage.

Smith, a 60-year-old medical transcriptionist in Clearwater, Fla., must use the federal website to buy health insurance because Florida opted not to run its own. She’s been without health insurance for years and had been looking forward to getting subsidized coverage for herself and her husband Eric, 56, who’s unemployed.

Smith also was unable to obtain insurance through her employer.

“They took a vote at the company and people wanted more money in their pockets,” she says. And business has been thin. “I have had four paycuts in one year,” says Smith, who estimates she will earn $23,000 this year for her 40-hour a week job.

Because of her pay rate, Smith qualifies for a federal subsidy that lowers her insurance costs.

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