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A shaky economy sometimes means having only one kid

The effects of the economic recession that happened five years ago are still being felt, and some families are following the “one is enough” policy when it comes to childbearing.

According to CNBC, the fear of economic hardship when feeding, clothing and eventually sending a new born into college, has some parents rethinking the prospect of bigger families, and the data is there to prove it.

The percentage of women who reach ages 40 to 44 and have given birth to just one child has risen sharply over the past few decades, from nearly 10 percent in 1976 to nearly 19 percent in 2010, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data available.

But the economy is not the only factor why families are having fewer children as time goes on.

Many moms who have chosen to have one child say their choice has been driven by other factors, such as having more time for yourself, your spouse or your career.

Has the recession made you think twice about having more children?

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