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Queen Creek football players protect bullied student

Bullies at Queen Creek High School are facing quite the deterrent: the entire football team.

According to Huffington Post, life used to be very hard for 16-year-old Chy Johnson, who was born with a brain defect. She was bullied daily.

Johnson’s daily life was far different before. She came home crying every day and the bullies “threw trash at me,” she said.

Enter starting quarterback Carson Jones.

When Johnson’s mother contacted Jones to ask him to identify a few of the bullies, Jones took it a step further. He didn’t just give names, he befriended Johnson and began hanging out with her during the day, including lunch. Shortly after, Johnson became a friend of the entire football team.

The best part? Not only have the bullies left Johnson alone, she now has a bunch of friends and looks forward to school everyday.

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