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How Obama wins the second presidential debate

LISTEN: O Team's tips for Obama

President Barack Obama did not fare too well in the first presidential debate and if he’s going to win the second, he’s going to need some help.

Thank goodness for the O Team.

OK, so it’s really just Mac & Gaydos giving suggestions to Obama to help him win the debate, but from the look of things, he needs all the help he can get.

So, without further ado, here are the O Team’s three recommendations to Obama as he prepares for the second debate:

Mac: Keep your cool

I will give Obama this: He did not fall into the trap of losing his cool and saying, “Well that’s a lie. That’s not true. How can you tell the American people that?” Because then he’s on the defensive and then Romney can come in and totally control the debate again.”

Gaydos: Hit the panic button

He has to say, “Listen, I’ve got to be serious and I’ve got to have people take me seriously.

Mac: Take the high road

“He cannot get down and dirty with Mitt Romney. Don’t allow Mitt to drag him down with him if Mitt Romney tries to bait him into something. You’ve got to take the high road.

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