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Puppy struck by car in Arizona recovering, preparing for adoption

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PHOENIX — A 1-year-old puppy who was struck by a car in rural Arizona is on the road to recovery and adoption.

Crash, as his rescuers named him, suffered a broken leg in two places, an X-ray revealed a metal BB pellet lodged in a paw, and his stomach and intestines were filled with sand, dirt and rocks as a result of the incident.

The driver in the accident called police, who took Crash to one of the Arizona Animal Welfare League’s rural partners as they were leaving for a weekly transport trip.

Because of the timing, Crash was able to receive quick treatment and have his life saved at the Animal Medical Surgical Center in Scottsdale.

The pellet was removed and his broken leg is on the mend following an operation.

Crash is expected to be up for adoption sometime in the next few weeks.

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