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Phoenix could become first Arizona city to replace accessibility signs

PHOENIX — A push is underway to replace an iconic image with a more active symbol, and Phoenix could become the first Arizona city to join the movement.

On Tuesday, councilmembers will discuss replacing the current International Symbol of Access (ISA), which was designed in 1968 with a more engaged image.

Advocates said the current blue square showing a headless figure sitting upright in a wheelchair does not represent people with disabilities.

A new image shows an active person moving forward. Supporters are trying to get public and private entities to adopt the modified version.

According to The Accessible Icon Project, the University of Arizona is among eight colleges and universities to use the new image.

If Phoenix councilmembers approve the new image, the city would join seven others across the county. The Phoenix proposal does not call for removing current images right away. Rather, it proposes replacing the images as improvements or new projects get underway.