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An eyewitness report from the Sheriff Joe Arpaio trial

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in federal court on civil contempt charges.

There is reason to believe that a criminal referral for contempt is a very real possibility. KTAR’s Cooper Rummell has been in the courtroom this week and tells the Think Tank what he has seen there and we reveal one heretofore unreported reason to believe that a criminal citation may result from this trial.

We all read the opinions of signed columnists in the newspaper and we know that these opinions are those of the author.

What about those unsigned editorials, the ones that set forth the official opinions of an entire newspaper? Who decides what those “official” newspaper opinions are? How do they decide what subjects even warrant an opinion of any sort?

Robert Leger of the Arizona Republic is a key figure in shaping the editorials of that paper. This week’s Think Tank takes you behind that curtain and lets him explain how the Republic decides on its editorials and its political endorsements.

All this and, in our final segment, a totally unexpected surprise for co-host Mike Russell. Tune in to see what it is.