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Phoenix foundation helps young girls build bright futures

PHOENIX — The Girls Rule Foundation was started in 2008 by four girlfriends who shared their passion for making a difference in young girls’ lives.

Until recently their programs were exclusive to Arizona.

“It’s all about helping girls built bright futures through empowerment, education and leadership programs, “said Dena Patton, co-founder and executive director of The Girls Rule Foundation.

This year, dreamLAB will be launched May 1 nationally. It is an inspirational after school club for girls in middle and high school. The organization has three core components: encouragement, leadership and friendship for girls.

“It’s a weekly after school club. Hopefully keep them in school, get them to college and on to a great bright future,” said Patton. “Our goal with dreamLab is to have 1000 dreamLabs open within a year.”

Education is a major component for the Girls Rule Foundation. Staff members help girls to keep inspired to stay in school.

“We actually connect them to colleges very early on,” Patton said.

They also offer Dream Big, a free two to four hour workshop for schools, teams and groups of girls in Phoenix.

After the launch, you will be able to go to their website to buy the Leader Starter Kit for dreamLab. More information on getting involved can be found on the Girls Rule Foundation website.