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Gov. Doug Ducey awards advocate, former sex trafficking victim

PHOENIX — A former sex trafficking victim who now serves as the voice for other victims was presented with an award by Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday.

“She not only serves victims, but she also trains child service workers, probation officers, first responders, church and civic groups and others in the realities of sex trafficking,” Ducey said of Carolyn Jean Jones.

Jones, who now works as a resident advocate at StreetLightUSA, said her job is never-ending.

“There’s some young girls out there,” she said. “Nobody’s rooting them on, and nobody’s thinking about them. They’re going to bed on this street right now tonight, and they’re dying, right here, on our watch.”

Jones gave a personal example to show how pervasive the sex industry is in the Phoenix area.

“I passed three young women that I used to work the street with,” she said. “They passed by here when I was standing outside looking for my guests to come. As all three of them passed by, I saw my life go by me.”

Jones dedicated the Triumph Over Tragedy award to the women who are still victims of sex trafficking.