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Faith in Humanity: Terminally ill Uber driver’s final wish granted by rider

Those who are regular customers of the taxi company Uber know how many different personalities you can run into behind the wheel.

For Roland Gainer, the compelling story of his Uber driver was enough to get him to raise over $100,000 to help the man save his home, the Huffington Post reported.

Kenneth Broskey, a 69-year-old man from Livonia, Michigan, has been fighting oropharyngeal cancer for nearly two years while working as an Uber driver. Broskey, who was given a short time to live and was suggested to enter into hospice care, took up the job in order to be able to provide for his family, even after he is gone.

Broskey shares his home with his daughter and her two children, according to Uber spokeswoman Brooke Anderson. The home, up until recently, had a remaining mortgage of $95,000.

Gainer, whose own mother battled breast cancer, felt so compelled by this man’s story that he decided to start a GoFundMe page in order to pay off Broskey’s mortgage.

Uber contributed $5,000 to the fund, which has raised more than $102,000 in a week. Gainer said he felt compelled to help him after hearing his story during a 12-minute ride.

“I admire him so much,” Gainer told ABC News. “Oh my god, his love for his family is limitless. This man is dying of cancer, and yet he’s still out there driving an Uber cab just for his family every day. That’s indescribable love.”

Anderson said Broskey has since retired from Uber and is using his final days to spend time with loved ones.