President Biden, don’t just TELL us you heart us on Valentine’s Week

Feb 9, 2021, 12:00 PM
(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)...
(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I have to admit that I’m a softy who loves to hear about love — and that includes inter-political-party love.

Even though my wife will take exception at the notion that I should be handing out romantic advice, I still have a suggestion: The best way for Democrats to show Republicans love (and vice-versa) is to DO for the object of your cross-aisle affection — don’t just TALK a good game.

It’s nice to hear that President Joe Biden, a Democrat, hearts our Republican governor, Doug Ducey, but show us don’t tell us and send us more doses (not roses). And send us a few dozen-thousand more of those long-stemmed vaccinations than we got …

As Biden took a virtual tour of the state’s vaccination site at State Farm Stadium on Monday, he praised the operation and Gov. Ducey.

“He’s been very, very cooperative — very helpful. He has stepped up and this is the kind of partnership between the federal and state governments … and the private sector that’ll help us vaccinate more people.”

Is this what requited love sounds like? Remember, Doug Ducey, in announcing his intention to attend Biden’s inauguration, called Biden “a good man.”

But instead of making the bromance official by sending the 300,000 vaccine doses Ducey requested for Arizona this week, Biden’s federal government sent us fewer than 175,000.

Listen, Joe, if you want Doug to say, “you complete me,” it would’ve been better if you shipped our complete order.

What we got feels like getting a box of candy for Valentine’s that has a picture of Santa on it — because you bought it on sale the last week of December at the same time you picked up the two-for-one card at the dollar store.

Hey, chocolate is chocolate — but it doesn’t taste as sweet as the 300,000 doses would’ve.

And while I realize it’s the thought that counts, if the feds would’ve thought about it — and realized we are vaccinating thousands of older folks who are actually residents of other states (winter visitors) — they could’ve been more thoughtful and sent us the 300,000 doses.

Oh well. At least Biden is showing interest.

Congress, on the other hand, is acting more like Becky Guidry did toward me in high school — and not paying any attention to us at all. They’re too wrapped up in impeachment to consider anything COVID — or Cupid, for that matter.

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President Biden, don’t just TELL us you heart us on Valentine’s Week