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Sleep on it: Expert says napping at work helps re-energize body

PHOENIX — Sleeping on the job is a good thing. Well, at least napping at work is, according to a sleep expert in Phoenix.

“If you just don’t have enough hours in the night to sleep, taking a midafternoon nap can sometimes be highly effective in improving that overall level of productivity,” Michael Breus with the Valley Sleep Center said.

The Phoenix-based psychologist said catching some z’s on the job can work wonders for employees.

“Napping for about 20 to 25 minutes reduces that overall drive for sleep and when you wake up from it you feel refreshed and ready to meet the day,” he said.

But before getting shut-eye in the office, Breus recommended getting approval from upper management.

He also suggested explaining the benefits of napping at work to bosses.

“We know that reaction time will speed up, we know that your concentration gets better, we know that your memory gets better, even your ability to make critical decisions and analysis improves after a nap,” he said.