Airbnb supports Arizona bill to regulate short-term rentals


PHOENIX — Online vacation rental company Airbnb supports proposed legislation that would enact penalties on short-term rental hosts who violate local nuisance, health and safety laws in Arizona.

SB 1379, authored by Sen. J.D. Mesnard, would give local cities the authority to enact fines and other penalties on hosts who violate the laws.

Those penalties would increase for repeat offenders and three violations in a 12-month period would allow the state to revoke short-term rental licenses.

“Airbnb supports Senator Mesnard’s bill and commends him for his efforts to give cities new tools to address hosts who negatively impact quality of life in their communities,” John Choi, Airbnb public policy manager, said in a statement.

“The vast majority of hosts in Arizona contribute positively to their neighborhoods and we look forward to supporting state and local officials in their efforts to develop sensible rules that preserve homeowners’ property rights and the economic benefits home sharing provides for Arizonians.”

Airbnb said it suspended or removed 50 listings in Arizona last year for complaints received regarding parties or other policy violations.

One of those complaints came when a teenager was wounded after gunfire was exchanged following a fight at a vacation rental house party in Scottsdale in July.

Short-term rentals remain a valuable tax asset for the state.

Airbnb said it generated about $87 million in taxes for the state of Arizona between 2017 and 2020.