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He Said: Your eyes will be bigger than your stomach at Ranch House Grille

When I am feeling like a good home-cooked breakfast or lunch and want to feel like I stepped into someone’s home, I’m heading here.

Meeting up with my friend for breakfast, I was excited as I have wanted to visit this breakfast hot spot since we started I think my excitement got the better of me as I ended up ordering way too much! But it all sounded and looked good coming out of the kitchen.

I wasn’t joking about the home feeling. Walking in we were greeted and seated quickly with a very casual, “Hey, there’s an open seat over here.”

Our waiter introduced himself and was available as we needed him but wasn’t overbearing. But I felt like I was telling my brother what I wanted. It is a very comfortable environment. Looking around, it has a country kitchen motif without overdoing it like a Cracker Barrel.

So as I said, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I may have taken on more than I could chew. I ordered a bacon and cheese omelet that came with hash browns and a choice of toast or for a small charge the biscuits and gravy I had been dreaming about.

Of course I went with the biscuits and gravy. Now most people would stop there but I continued with a “small” order of pancakes. I asked for one, but the waiter said it would be cheaper to order a side which came with two small pancakes. I never argue with a good deal.

My hint to you, a small pancake is what I consider a normal pancake. My omelet was huge, and it came with what looked like a pound of bacon inside. I love bacon. This made me happy. The bacon was perfectly crispy and crunchy.

The hash browns were simple and like any other hash brown you could get at a Denny’s. The pancakes were fluffy and enjoyable, but with all the other options I had ordered I realized I’d have to come back and focus on a pancake breakfast.

My breakfast companion had a combo with eggs, pancakes and bacon. He added blueberries to the pancakes, and after asking if he wanted them on top or cooked within, he went with the latter.

My companion’s pancakes initially looked like they had no blueberries. We pondered if they had forgotten, but one cut into the pancake, and it exploded with blueberries. I have never seen so many in one HUGE pancake. I have aptly named them, “Blueberry Surprise Pancakes.”

I saved the best for last, the biscuits and gravy. Some of the best I have had since my years living in the South. I am salivating just writing this post. The biscuits were cake-like and different than what I expected.

The gravy had nice size chunks of slightly spicy sausage and lots of pepper sprinkled in the white thick scoop of heaven. Remember when I said I would come back and do a pancake breakfast? I don’t know if I can do that and stay away from the biscuits and gravy.

Making things even better, the prices are so reasonable it will leave you feeling full in both your stomach and your wallet.

The lunch portion of the menu has me excited to try as well. Looks like another visit is in store during lunch hours so I can convince myself to try their lunch options instead of the addicting breakfast. Like the regulars who walked in during our visit and were greeted with a friendly, “There you are! We were wondering when you were gonna show up,” I have a feeling they are going to be saying the same thing to me in the near future.