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He Said: The dogs don’t disappoint at Short Leash Sit…Stay

What started as one of the Valley’s most popular food trucks has grown into brick and mortar with a location in the hip and trendy Roosevelt Row.

What one would call a spur of the moment decision I decided to make the short drive downtown and finally check out what has become an institution. It has been months since I began craving a Short Leash dog and every opportunity to partake in it has ended in disappointment.

The first time I attempted I was literally the last person in the line before they ran out of dogs. It was a cruel joke that the universe decided to tease me with. The second time was just recently when I was sure they would be at the Street Eats food truck festival. I mean over 50 trucks and the one I really wanted wasn’t even there, go figure. So with a restaurant now we can all get our craving satisfied when we want to.

I sometimes wonder if the weather affects my experiences. Well if so, then this experience was off to a great start. I sat outside because it was beautiful and while pleasant inside I will always take outside while I can. The service was quick and I don’t know why but the way I was greeted made me feel at home.

“Hi, please sit wherever you feel most comfortable.”

Most comfortable, what a fantastic way to tell me to pick my table. I looked over the extended menu, much more than you are going to get out of a truck visit and made some final decisions.

I would start with the Corn Dog Bites. They come on a stick and each dog was just big enough for about 3 bites. I was thinking this would be the perfect way to get your dog on if you were going to choose something else on the menu than the large dog selections. So I only had a couple and took the rest home for a treat later on. I wish it had come with something other than mustard, but that’s just me. Everyone else thinks yellow mustard is a perfect combo with a corn dog.

For my main event I had the Lady Dog and while I originally asked for a Brat my server recommended I get the polish sausage instead as it complimented the flavors better.

Who am I to argue with someone who sees people eat dogs all day long?

She was right. Spot on, really. I don’t think a brat would have meshed well with the grilled onions, chipotle crème cheese and fried pickles.

Now even when I read it, it sounds like a hot mess. But the honest to goodness reality is that it mixes very well together. There was a kick from the chipotle, and to my surprise it was cooled off by the sweet fried pickles. I have always had dill pickles. But it was fantastic. I was happy I only had two dog bites.

Of course we can’t forget about the Naan bread. I mean the fluffy goodness of this dough is enough to make me want to wrap myself up in one and drift off to sleep.

This is exactly what I need to do after eating this meal. You will leave full and happy.

All that waiting paid off. Count me in as another satisfied Short Leash addict.