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High-tech device improving accuracy of surgeons in Surprise

SUN CITY WEST, Ariz. — A new high-tech device is helping some surgeons in Sun City West, Arizona be more accurate and less invasive.

The device, called a MAKOplasty, is a large robotic arm that surgeons can use to make sure they are staying right in line with the surgery’s plan, according to Dr. Mark Campbell with Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics.

“It’s a device that assists the surgeon in being more accurate in certain orthopedic procedures,” Campbell said.

Campbell said Banner began using the MAKOplasty about four months ago and has seen a big improvement in patient recovery following surgery.

The device is used to burrow out the bone in hips or knees so an implant can be inserted, Campbell said, and by using 3-D imaging and mapping, the MAKOplasty can track where a surgeon is working and ensure the tool is working within the pre-programmed plan.

“It allows us to plan exactly how we want these components placed and then we have a robotic arm that helps us prepare the bone for those implants,” he said.

Campbell said if the surgeon waivers or gets even the slightest bit off course the machine will stop, that way only the needed areas are affected.

The machine was donated to Banner by the Sun Health Foundation and cost roughly $1.1 million.

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