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Most students achieving success in Phoenix high school district

PHOENIX — Thanks to extra tutoring and counseling, students in the Phoenix Union High School District are seeing success in learning despite their economic struggles.

“At Phoenix Union High School District, 80 percent of its students are considered low income and that is the barrier,” Thea Andrade, director of assessment and accountability for the district, said.

“All of the subgroups at the district had gains from 2013 through 2014 each subgroup had gains bigger than the state,” she said.

The district supports all students by offering resources to strengthen them.

“What is good for one student, black, white, or Asian, is good for all kids,” she said.

Parents getting involved is also important. “Parents need to ask questions,” Andrade said.

The district provides information in different languages for parents at each campus to learn what they can do to help their children prepare for school and move forward with college.