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Countdown: Tax-filing deadline looms, late starters can apply for extension

PHOENIX — Arizonans, and all other money earners in the United States, for that matter, have less than 24 hours to settle up with Uncle Sam.

There are penalties and interest if taxes aren’t filed by April 15.

“If you can’t get it done, I recommend filing an extension to avoid late filing penalties,” Sean Leaux said, of the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Filling out the forms properly is important.

“Also, file electronically” Leaux said. “Filing electronically will insure your return is processed and on time.”

If stragglers file an extension, that deadline also is April 15. They must file their taxes by Oct. 15.

Leaux recommended taxpayers who are mailing their returns should get them postmarked before April 15.

For last-minute information go to the state Department of Revenue website.