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Veterans mark 1 year since Phoenix VA scandal

PHOENIX — Arizona veterans gathered near the Carl T. Hayden Medical Center in Phoenix on Monday evening to mark the one-year anniversary since the nationwide VA health care scandal emerged.

Veterans in the Metro-Phoenix area said there are still many improvements that need to be made to the system.

“As a leader in the army, it was really depressing to see all of these veterans not getting the health care that I think that they deserve,” Matthew Kenney of Concerned Veterans for America said.

Many vets believe the feds have been slow to implement reform since the scandal over botched wait times and inadequate treatment were revealed.

“What I have seen is that veterans are confused and frustrated at how they believed that when they got out of (the service) they would get taken care of but they’re not and that is kind of why I got involved,” Kenney said.

One year after the allegations over VA wait times were made, Kenney said veterans are still not getting the treatment they need.

He said he believed the only way veterans will get proper medical care is if the Veterans Independence Act is signed into law.

“It just gives choice, if you as a veteran are not happy with the care that you’re receiving … (you) should just be able to just go see a private medical care provider and that is exactly what the Veterans Independence Act does,” he said.