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Why Arizona is hands down the best place to live

Arizona may sometimes get a bad rap, but this desert oasis is actually a very affordable, easy and beautiful place to settle down.

The 70 degree plus weather most of the year and 9 months of summer temperatures here should sell you, but just in case, here are eight reasons why Arizona rocks, according to Elite Daily.

1.Put Your Sunglasses On

Arizona has two seasons- three months of winter and 9 months of summer. It’s normal to be above 75 degrees for most of the year, and even though we have those dreaded triple digit dry summers, it’s worth it to have pool weather all year round.

2.Haboobs and Monsoons, Oh My!
It might sound like a made-up word, but haboobs are pretty much like giant sandstorms after monsoon rainstorms in the summer. It’s actually pretty cool, because the short storms illuminate the sky with crazy lightning. Just be careful on the roads!

3.Take a Photo
From hiking Camelback Mountain to the sunset to a night spring training game under the stars, most Arizonans are snap happy. If you want a picture of the snowfall, drive a few hours north or east to Flagstaff or Pinetop. And looking for the best photo opp of them all? The Grand Canyon, of course!

4.No Snow Shoveling
Living in the Valley, snow won’t be a part of your daily life unless you take a day trip north to see the snow. Even then, it’s nice to be able to ski down the slopes or make a snowman then leave the winter wonderland behind.

5.Don’t Set Your Clocks
In Arizona, we’re too cool to participate in Daylight Saving Time. That’s right, we don’t set our clocks forward or back like the rest of the country. No worrying about missing an hour of sleep or resetting the microwave clock.

6.Sporting Paradise
If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably in heaven living in Arizona. Along with our own, although not always winning, teams for hockey, basketball and baseball, the state university sports have tremendous school spirit and usually make it to a March Madness game or two. Not to mention that half the teams in the MLB play spring training here.

7.Country Thunder
Some of us live and breathe country music, while some of us do not (guilty and proud). But if you do love that honky tonk, get yourself to the annual Country Thunder festival, right here in Florence. It’s four days of tailgating and cowboy boots.

8.Just a Few Hours Escape
And if you want to get out of Dodge, destinations in California, Mexico and Vegas are a few hours away by car or plane. If the intense Arizona heat is getting to you, just pick up and head to the ocean. Just beware of those living prices.