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Islamic State releases list of non-violent jobs for supporters

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has released a list of jobs for supporters who are not looking to fight, The Independent reported.

A British jihadist writing under the name of Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani posted a list online of 10 ISIS “jobs” for supporters earlier this month.

The man stated the group is in need of press officers, fitness instructors and bomb makers.

The No. 1 job on the list? Press officers for the Islamic State group’s “media centre.”

The Islamic State group has used platforms such as social media to help spread their message across the world, even reaching the Valley. Issues of their recruitment magazine, Dabiq, can be found online and in English, using the group’s reign of terror in the Middle East to gain supporters worldwide.

Other “jobs” the Islamic State group is in need of are doctors, chefs and mechanics.