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Terminally-ill teen with prom bucket list dies

A Tennessee community has rallied to give a terminal cancer teen a personalized prom night to cross off her bucket list.

According to ABC News, Katelyn Norman, 14, who was fighting a form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma for two years passed away, days after doctors informed her there was very little that could be done after it spread last week.

“They said that it has spread a lot, my cancer, and that it’s the beginning of the end of my days and so we started a bucket list,” Katelyn told ABC News Knoxville affiliate WATE-TV. “[I’m] ecstatic. I can’t wait. I just can’t wait to go.”

As going to prom was one of the biggest things on her bucket list, a special prom had been planned for Norman, who was unable to go due to her illness.

Sharon Shepherd, a school employee that had known Norman for years, explained that regardless of her health complications, she wanted the prom to go on.

“Katelyn wanted the prom to go on. That’s her. That’s Katie bug,” Sharon Shepherd told

Though Norman wasn’t able to attend the school’s prom, she had one of her own in her hospital room with her prom date, her friends, formal wear and disco balls.