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Mom forces kids to wear incriminating shirts to school

T-shirts with clever saying are all the rage, but one mom is forcing her children to wear shirts that label them as thieves.

According to 9 News, Jessica Rocha made the shirts after trying almost everything to get 8-year-old Aurora and 9-year-old Xavier (both with different last names than Rocha) to stop stealing.

“We have taken away toys. We have taken away sports. We have taken away girl scouts,” the kid’s mom Rocha said. “I’ve tried nothing everything else. Nothing else is working.”

In response to their behavior, Rocha took a marker to shirts and wrote, “I steal. Steal means taking property belonging to someone else without permission,” on the front and, “I steal. Please watch me,” on the back.

While Rocha feels the shirts are a way to control her kids, the school disagrees.

“I respect her right to do what’s best for her family,” said Ron Echols, superintendent of Fort Morgan Schools. “But, I wish she would leave the school out of it. We cannot support something that is demeaning to the kids.”

The school made the children cover up the shirts.

Rocha said the shirts have been effective in altering her children’s behavior.

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