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Engineers make Mario Kart a reality

Mario Kart can now be played in live action.

Texas engineers’ Ben James and Kevin Smith have played Mario Kart since they were kids and have always been fans. Their love of Mario Kart led them to recreate it in real life.

According to, the engineers’ made Mario Kart a reality.

The engineers’ got the idea from a robotics competition that uses the same controller, software, and motor that they could implement into real life go-karts.

The primary difference between Mario Kart and real life go-karts are the items and power ups that are in Mario Kart. With the use of Radio Frequency identifiers these items and power-ups can be used in real life.

One example of the use of Radio Frequency identifiers used in this recreation is the way that fake bananas can send signals through the air that cause the breaks on cars to lock up, such as how they work in the video game.

Though there is no official Real life Mario Kart arena, the engineers’ expressed that they would be happy to help some one “build their own.”