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The ‘Fauci Effect’ vs. the ‘Cardinals Effect’

(Kevin Dietsch/Pool via AP, File)

Did you hear the story that KTAR News 92.3 FM reporter Gabriel Gamiño brought us about the “Fauci Effect?”

If you didn’t, it’s the effect that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease doctor, has had on those deciding what to choose for a profession.

Gabriel talked to people who decided to take up medicine because they were inspired by Fauci.

That’s cool. But I want to make a pitch to some young people that Fauci inspire them to go into another field altogether.

Because I’ve watched with amazement as Fauci walked the razor thin line necessary to keep his job.

And doing that meant keeping Donald Trump at least somewhat happy — while also politely saying where he disagreed with the president — which meant he could continue to be a respected scientist that even the worst Trump haters found worth listening to.

So, along with a generation of medical scientists, I think Dr. Anthony Fauci should inspire a generation of political scientists.

Anybody who could pull off the Herculean task he did in 2020 deserves to not just have honorary doctorates in political science from several universities, I’m thinking the “ASU Fauci School of Political Mine Field Strolling” has a nice ring to it.

Maybe Fauci would be enough of an inspiration that students would actually graduate with a political science degree (unlike me, for instance).

Even though I’ve got a pretty sweet gig here at KTAR News, I’ve been thinking about my career, too. It would not be a return to politics (I took a blood oath, a solemn vow and did a pinkie swear that I’d never go back there) — but, instead, I’d make a switch to medicine. Not because of Fauci. And not because every doctor I know drives a much nicer car than I do (although it would be nice to trade in my nine-year-old Camry for a Carerra).

No, my inspiration to become a doc is the football! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that the league is inviting vaccinated healthcare workers to attend Super Bowl.

That’s inspiration enough for me, in middle age, to become a doctor — so I can see my Cardinals make their second Super Bowl appearance ever.

Go ahead, call me crazy… but really, the Cardinals still have a shot to make it to the Super Bowl — oh. Wait.

You think I’m crazy because of the the whole “get-a-medical-degree-and-a-COVID-shot-before-February-7th” thing.

To which I would answer, Fauci did what he did — so ANYTHING is possible.

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