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Think Tank talks with former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods

Grant Woods (KTAR News Photo)

Grant Woods is a former Arizona attorney general and a former John McCain staffer. But, more importantly he is a former Republican and a very thoughtful observer of the current political scene.

It has been four weeks since the election. The election was not close (306-232 electoral votes) and a popular vote margin of almost 7 million.

This is larger than most of our recent presidential elections. Despite all evidence, three-fourths of Republicans think the election was stolen and only a handful of elected Republicans have been willing to say publicly that Joe Biden is president-elect.

Republicans used to stand for a muscular foreign policy. They were internationalists who favored foreign trade, because we benefit from it. Before Reagan, they were against deficits (now they only seem to care about deficits when a Democrat is president). But Trump loyalists are against all of these things.

Given all of this, what is the future of the Republican party?

And can the country find common ground?

Grant Woods is one of the most thoughtful political observers in Arizona. Join this week’s Think Tank for a very insightful discussion of the state of our politics.

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