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Think Tank discusses impact of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and death

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This week’s Think Topic is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We will discuss her life, her legacy, and the likely political impact of the fight for her seat on the Supreme Court.

Betsy West conceived and directed the 2018 CNN documentary film, “RBG”. The film won a primetime Emmy award and was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Betsy was a producer and news executive at both CBS and ABC where, among other accolades, she won 21 Emmy awards. She is also emeritus professor at the Columbia School of Journalism.

We will discuss with her both her insights about Ginsburg and the making of her documentary film.

Chuck Coughlin and I will discuss the political fallout from the court vacancy:

  • Will it help either party’s electoral prospects? You could make a case either way.
  • Can Sen. McConnell push a replacement through before Jan. 20? Likely.
  • Will Republican Senatorial candidates pay a price if he does?
  • Will the Democrats expand the Supreme Court if they win both the presidency and the Senate? Will they pay a price if they do?

The Think Tank airs on KTAR 92.3 FM on Saturday 3-4 p.m. and Sunday 9-10 p.m.

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