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Video of Peoria officer’s flag rescue makes big impact online

Peoria Police Department officer Shelly Montes went viral online after saving an American flag during a nighttime patrol. (Screenshot/Peoria Police Department)

PHOENIX — A simple gesture from Peoria Police Officer Shelly Montes is earning praise on social media.

The Air Force veteran scooped up a wayward American flag outside a home during a patrol on Sept. 9.

Her gesture seemed innocuous at the time, but sprung to life online the next day, generating buzz on Facebook and Twitter.

Montes, who has served with the department since 2005, expressed gratitude and disbelief on Sunday’s episode of “Fox & Friends Weekends” on Fox News.

“It’s a sense of honor for me, as a military veteran, and it’s something I do quite often on patrol,” Montes said. “During the monsoon season, we have a lot of high winds and it’s something that happens often, and I surely didn’t expect a camera to be there.

“But it’s a pride thing for me, seeing a flag on the floor is painful to me. So, I saw it, I picked it up, rolled it and put it on his patio chair next to his doorstep.”

Montes said she had no clue that the person’s porch camera was there, saying her gesture was a simple one with no forethought necessary.

She described the immense pride she and her colleagues in the department have in the flag and all that it symbolizes.

“It’s a sense of pride to me and it’s a sense of pride for many other officers,” Montes said. “And I know I’m not the only officer that does this. There have been several others out there who take it upon themselves to do this.

“It’s a sense of honor for our country, and for those of us who have served and who continue to serve our community.”

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