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ASU’s ‘Professor COVID Denier’ needs to be schooled

(Facebook Photo/Arizona State University)

Recently, I’ve taken some teachers to task. The teachers who will refuse to teach even after we’ve met all the community coronavirus benchmarks that are supposed to trigger some in-person learning. 

But those teachers haven’t even done (or, more correctly, not done) anything yet, so it’s only fair to take a teacher to task who is already doing something — something that could roll back benchmarks and keep our kids home even longer.

ASU engineering professor Dr. Thomas Seager has allegedly been violating the university’s physical-distancing requirements in his classroom.

It’s not out of laziness — he’s not lackadaisically letting students grab a seat anywhere they want. It’s intentional: he reportedly insisted his students not physically distance by forcing them to sit next to each other in the first two rows of the class.

Why is he doing this when ASU seems to be doing everything it can to keep case numbers low enough to keep classrooms open?

Well, the answers (as nonsensical as they are) may come if you dare take a peek at Professor Seager’s campaign to convince us COVID is crap — as in a nonexistent pandemic.

Dr. Seager said on Twitter recently, “If COVID were a real pandemic, would govt officials and the media have to make up the death statistics and fudge death certificates?”

I get one thing he’s addressing: some locales have counted people who died with a positive COVID test in their recent past as a COVID-caused death (even without proof COVID killed them) but I guess I missed the big media convention where we agreed to make up death statistics. 

Hang on a second, though: Dr. Seager also tweeted about how a big medical journal is publishing fraudulent data to suppress the use of what he called “…safe, inexpensive, effective treatments for COVID.”

So, Professor Seager, can you tell me why we need “effective treatments” for a disease you just told me isn’t dangerous?

Are millions of medical professionals, scientists and government officials and workers conspiring to make COVID seem worse than it is — or are millions of medical professionals, scientists and government officials and workers conspiring to keep us from a cure?

Get back to me when you get your conspiracies straight, buddy.

Also, can you please tell me about that the big media convention where we decided to make up death statistics? I don’t want to miss the next one. (Where else can one catch Wolf Blitzer wearing a lampshade?) 

In the meantime, kindly stop ruining my kids chances of going back to school by seemingly trying to increase the spread of COVID in our community.

There are already enough teachers who don’t need more reasons to stay away from the classroom.

However, if you decide to not return to the classroom, I think we’d all be okay with it. 

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