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Dave Ramsey says: Talk with adviser before withdrawing from Roth IRA

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Dear Dave,

I’ll be 72 in October, and I have a Roth IRA I haven’t done anything with in a while.

I’ve got about $30,000 in it, and I believe I read where the government said there will be a mandatory withdrawal at age 72.

If this is true, what should I do with that money?

– Danny

Dear Danny,

I’m not positive there are mandatory withdrawals on a Roth IRA. I think that applies to traditional IRAs, but double-check with your investment adviser to make sure.

If it does apply to Roths, I’d take the required minimum distribution and move that amount to other investments.

Or, since it’s only $30,000, if you’ve got another nest egg you plan to live on, you could just have some fun with the money.

In any case, talk to your investment professional before taking action.

If he has the heart of a teacher and cares about your best interests, he’ll look at your overall financial situation and guide you in making the right decision.

— Dave

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