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Stolen credit cards pay for jewelry in Phoenix police case

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This thief knows what she likes.

She used stolen credit card and driver’s license numbers to buy jewelry. The woman, who was caught on surveillance cameras, shopped at several Phoenix jewelry stores during March 2020.

“She has some pretty distinctive tattoos on her arms and chest,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild said.

And this case serves as a good reminder to stay vigilant about protecting your info.

Rothschild said, “Review your bank and credit card statements.

“If you have important documents containing personal information, either keep them safe and secure locked-up or, if you don’t need them anymore, shred them. And when you’re shopping online, only use secure, well-known sites.”

Read more about the case.

Next, Molotov cocktails were the weapons of choice for a couple of arsonists.

On July 3, 2020 at about 3:30 a.m., cameras recorded two people, possibly a male and a female, start fires at a tire shop at 15th Avenue and Hatcher Road in Phoenix.

“You can see them lighting and throwing the fire bomb at the business,” Rothschild said. “They also started fires in two vehicles in the parking lot before that.”

Keep in mind that this crime happened in the middle of summer, yet the pair not only had their faces covered but were also wearing long-sleeve hoodies and pants.

It’s hoped that being dressed like that in the heat got someone’s attention.

Red more about the case.

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