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Think Tank discusses post primary Arizona political prognosis

(Flickr Photo/Gage Skidmore)

The Arizona Legislature has been in Republican hands for decades. That means that on most issues, all legislative decisions are made in the Republican caucus without any input from Democrats.

To get in the game regularly, Democrats need at least a tie in either the Arizona House or the Arizona Senate. With a tie, or a slight Democratic margin, no legislation will pass without participation of both parties.

So, our primary focus this week will be the prospect for this to happen.

Our expert panel:

  • Emily Ryan of Copper State Consulting
  • Doug Cole COO of Arizona HighGround
  • Mike Noble of OH Predictive Insights

After discussing these legislative prospects with Emily and Doug, Mike will present a review of recent polling in attempt to describe the mood of the Arizona electorate as it may impact these and other races.

In our concluding segment, we take on federal races:

  • What congressional seats are in play this year?
  • Does Martha McSally even have a chance against Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate?
  • What are the prospects for Arizona to go “blue” in the Presidential race.

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