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Five ways you can support teachers this school year

This article is Sponsored by Four Peaks

Parents around the world have taken on the temporary role of teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effort has highlighted the tremendous amount of work teachers do every year, often with little funding and low pay.

Now, teachers are preparing for face-to-face and online instruction, and many have seen their out-of-pocket expenses increasing, after already spending hundreds of dollars every year on supplies, according to Four Peaks for Teachers.

Fortunately, you can help.

Here are five ways you can support teachers and their classrooms this year.

Give money

One of the simplest ways you can help is to give money to a program that supports educators. For example, Four Peaks for Teachers partners with retailers, customers and educators to give school supply kits to teachers. Any donation you make to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit is tax-exempt and will be used to buy the supplies.

Teachers can then sign up for digital vouchers and pick up their kits at convenient locations.

Raise awareness

A great way to generate donations is by spreading the word. The more people who know about educational fundraising initiatives, the more teachers who can be helped. You can distribute flyers through email or social media, or by posting them around your neighborhood to promote awareness.

You could even volunteer to pick up supplies from your neighbors by asking them to leave bags on their front porches for contactless pickup.

Donate supplies

When donating supplies, ask what is needed before dropping off anything. That way, teachers won’t have to sort through unwanted items and worry about what to do with the supplies that aren’t needed. For the easiest option, pick from a list of needed supplies, and drop any items off at a set location.

Become a sponsor

Sponsors of programs that help schools often receive advertising opportunities for their support. This could include placement on a website, shout-outs on social media, branding on school materials and promotional items in school supply kits.

If you have a small business you’d like to promote while supporting schools, this is a great chance to show the community your values.

Organize a fundraiser

If you have time, organizing a fundraiser is an excellent way to get money into classrooms. One timely idea is to organize a facemask fundraiser.

Start by sending your school logo to a mask design company to create custom facemasks. You — or a tech-savvy friend — could set up an online store or list items through an online marketplace. After your store is set up, promote the fundraiser with the help of faculty, parents, students and the community. Make it clear where the money is going, whether to a charity or directly to a school and follow through by sharing when you’ve delivered the funds.

No matter how you choose to support teachers this year, you can ensure your generosity is going to the right place when you give to Four Peaks for Teachers. This multi-state effort has already donated 20,000 supply kits to teachers since its creation, and will distribute 10,000 more this year in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Learn more at