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Scottsdale’s YOLO attitude is a (business) killer

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I’ve got a quiz for you. Nothing too tough – it is me, after all.  

Was the sound emanating from packed Old Town Scottsdale nightclubs this weekend:

A. The sound of freedom?

B. The sound of pent-up frustrations being released after being penned up in our homes?

C. The sound of partiers not giving a crap about other people?

… or …

D. All of the above?

To prove it wasn’t a tough quiz, I’ll give you the answer. It’s D. (To prove it wasn’t a tough quiz, I just gave you the answer.)

When I suggested that the party people (do they still call them that?) were “not giving a crap about other people,” I meant that, yes, they don’t seem to care about other people’s health but also that they don’t appear to give a proverbial crap about other people keeping their heads above the rising water of bankruptcy.

That may sound counterintuitive when you consider how much money they were putting in the pockets of club owners and the Old Town restaurants I used to frequent after a night of adult beverages – but it’s not.

Even though I live with people who are at greater-than-normal risk if they contract COVID-19 (my wife and my 4- and 7-year-old daughters suffer from severe asthma), I’ve been one of the voices who have been calling for opening society – and businesses to save families from financial failure.

But that has to be done responsibly. To save my family’s health – and our economy.

The actions of a few bros and besties and the lack of action on the part of business owners who allow this irresponsible behavior to occur inside their doors may lead to a second wave of coronavirus cases and deaths which could lead to the government forcing us to isolate from fellow bros – and isolate customers from the businesses who are desperate to keep seeing their faces.

The selfish need of these close-proximity partiers to stretch their legs (at a distance from other people that actually makes it impossible to do so literally) may take ALL of us out of circulation – again. The selfish way of conducting business that some places are engaging in could lead to their business being shut down again – and, more tragically, close businesses who opened their doors in a responsible way.

Dr. Will Humble, the former state health director, told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s The Gaydos and Chad Show that he thinks Gov. Doug Ducey needs to put control of out-of-control places into the hands of local leaders so they can police this. Local leaders like (pro-business) Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.

Upon seeing the images and videos from International Boutique Nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale, Lane said, “Businesses and their patrons need to realize that individually we each play an absolute part … in our city’s health, both physically and economically.” 

Preach it, Mayor! 

I don’t want the government to force us back into our homes and close down businesses again. I don’t like government flexing its muscle. So please tell the rebels in your life to socially distance while socializing. 

If they don’t listen, let’s move to the next tactic in the toolbox and socially shame the uncaring – before they screw it up for the rest of us. 

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