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Phoenix and the world react to coronavirus, telemedicine

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The coronavirus is sweeping the world, and it looks like the United States is destined to be the hardest hit country in the next two or three weeks.

Patients with symptoms are being advised to “call your doctor” and NOT to “go see your doctor” due to the danger of infection.

That’s telemedicine.

But in the USA, doctors have traditionally had difficulty in getting reimbursed by insurance companies for work not performed “in person.”

A panel of four experts discuss related issues:

  • Paul Johnson is a former mayor of Phoenix and is president of Redirect Health, which has made extensive use of telemedicine.
  • Dr. Doug Jenkinson is a British family physician who practiced in Nottingham, England for 37 years working for the National Health Service (that’s “socialized medicine” to Americans).
  • Brandi Conner, is CEO of Nod Specialists, who provides telemedicine services using board-certified infectious disease physicians. They are experts in treating infections, including coronaviruses.
  • Megan Crosser is a board-certified infection preventionist with Nod Specialists.

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