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Rob Hunter did well helping a suicidal veteran

Rob Hunter did something great on Wednesday.

We have covered the VA scandal in great detail over the past few months. We have spoken with the major players in D.C. and have taken our listeners inside the VA by interviewing those that have intimate knowledge of the system.

But that is all it has been: coverage and talk.

Tuesday night, a mutual friend and veteran posted on social media that he was checking himself into the in-patient PTSD treatment center at the Phoenix VA. I did what most did, I clicked “Like” and assumed that all would go to plan. I mean, come on. The VA is under “new management.”

But Rob Hunter did what all of us SHOULD have done. He reached out to this veteran and offered help. The veteran shared his VA experience with Rob and assured him that he would check in the next morning. Wednesday morning, after telling the VA that he wasn’t feeling well and that he didn’t trust himself, the veteran was turned away for not having an appointment. Once again, Rob did what we all SHOULD do — he helped. Rob decided to dedicate his entire show as a call to action.

Rob called on the VA to, “Get this man some help by the end of this show.” The response was immediate. After one hour of exposing the VA, Rob received a text from the veteran that the VA was clearing their schedule and getting this man help!

Rob, thank you for doing what was right. It was an honor to be a part of this show.