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So you caught a fish from a lake…now what?

LISTEN: Chef Slavo - The Best Way To Cook Freshwater Fish

When it comes to lake/pond/river fishing, I have mostly been a catch-and-release angler.

But there has been occasion when I feel a fishy feast is appropriate. One of the best feelings as a dad has been watching my kid’s faces when they first realize that they are eating what they have harvested. I consider myself to be a decent cook but when it comes to preparing freshwater fish, I tend to freeze up. So many things can go wrong. It won’t take much to wreck the fruits of your labor.

So, in “Get Outdoor” style, I introduce you to our house chef, Chef Slavo. Yes, we have a house chef (we’re tryin’ to class up the joint).

Chef Slavo suggests keeping it simple. Pay attention to the details here. Chef has the right timing, materials and, most importantly, prep order.

Did you know grape seed oil is best for pan-searing fish? Ya do now! More great tips included in the audio above.

Chef also promised his bacon-wrapped trout recipe. Here it is:

Slavo’s Bacon-Wrapped Trout


1 Whole trout (cleaned and deboned)
3 Bacon slices (not too thick)
1 1/2 Tbl dijon mustard
1 tsp thyme leaves, picked
1 tsp Slavo Salt
3 (1/8-inch thick) lemon slices


Preheat broiler.
1. Place fish in a shallow baking pan (one inch deep) or a large heavy ovenproof skillet, then pat dry.
2. Evenly smear mustard inside cavity of trout and season cavity with Slavo Salt.
3. Place thyme inside cavity and season outside of fish with Slavo Salt, wrap bacon slices around fish.
4. Broil fish five to seven inches from heat until skin of fish and bacon are crisp, about five minutes.
5. Turn fish over gently with a spatula and broil two minutes more.
6. Add lemon slices to pan in one layer alongside fish and continue to broil until fish is just cooked through and rest of bacon is crisp, two to three minutes more.

By the way, he sent me a venison recipe as well. I’ll just hold onto that one. For now.