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The Arizona Big Game Draw explained

When I moved to Arizona, I was shocked — shocked, I tell you! — to find out that I wasn’t able to buy a fist full of game tags from Walmart.

Folks started telling me that I had to “put in” for the draw, so I set out to find someone to help me understand the Arizona Big Game Draw.

After hearing roughly 113 theories about money, corruption, super bonus points and I think even a theory about aliens, I gave up.

Like most of you, I put in for draw after draw. I would win some and lose some, all the while trying to hedge my bet with a “foolproof system” that I heard around a campfire.

Then it finally hit me: Why don’t I start my own outdoor radio show and get Game and Fish in here to set the record straight?


Finally, we have found someone to explain the Big Game Draw, but not just anyone — we found the woman who facilitates the draw.

Listen to the podcast below. If I have missed anything, please comment and I will do my best to have her clarify.