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Hershey’s chocolate kiss gets an unwelcomed makeover

Hershey’s appears to have stepped into a pile of public relations poop with the release of their new logo.

Gone is the silver wrapper and the “‘s” from its name. The logo is now displayed as just “Hershey” with an unwrapped chocolate kiss at the end.

Social media is a buzz with people who think the new kiss on the logo is a few bumps away from looking like the poo emoji used on smartphones.

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do prefer seeing the “kiss” fully wrapped in its iconic silver foil.
Maybe I’m just a traditionalist, but why mess with a legendary brand and logo?

The company said on its website that the new logo is part of a “refreshed corporate brand that builds on the company’s powerful legacy and creates a new, modern look and feel that positions the company for the next 100 years.” The design team calls this a “new interpretation of the iconic shape” of Kisses.

I understand that it’s important for companies to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to sales and marketing, but why try to improve on something like a Hershey’s kiss that is instantly recognizable in its silver foil and beloved by millions.

For me a “kiss is no longer just a kiss” when it comes to the redesign of the new Hershey Kiss logo.

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