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Marijuana-infused ‘weedings’ the latest nuptial trend

If you attend a wedding in Colorado or Washington state soon, don’t be surprised if the open bar is replaced with free weed.

Marijuana enthusiasts think it’s better for a wedding than alcohol because it discourages binge-drinking, calms people down and makes them like each other more.

Weed weddings, or “weedings,” incorporate marijuana into the aesthetic details from leaves and buds in the bouquet and boutonniere to a mini pot plant as a table setting or favor. Or it can be part of the menu with edibles like pot brownies or infused drinks. Some brides even offer their guests pre-rolled joints.

Sounds crazy to me and smelly too!

Although marijuana for recreational use isn’t currently legal in Arizona, it could be in the future.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of legalizing marijuana and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be a part of my wedding reception. I visualize a bunch of stoned people sitting around a table super mellow with the munchies, while the older folks in attendance are horrified.

But that’s just me.

Lois Smith Brady writes in The New York Times:

Many pot enthusiasts think of alcohol as an old-fashioned, old-school toxin whose overuse can inflame family tensions and cause people to say horrible things, especially at weddings. In comparison, marijuana, they contend, is more like a tonic that calms people down and makes them like each other more rather than less — perfect for a wedding, they say.

But what’s the point of getting stoned at a wedding if everyone will end up staring off into the distance, being anti-social or overly-philosophical, and forgetting there’s a dance floor?

It will be interesting to see whether the concept of weedings takes off as more states legalize marijuana for recreational use. I bet it will, but I for one won’t be partaking.

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