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Duct taping kids is not something to show off

I opened my Internet browser today to find AOL teasing a website that had pictures of parents duct taping their kids to a wall. The tease read, “Forget time outs and spankings — today’s parents are using this hilarious tactic to discipline their children.”

When I clicked on the link, there was a series of pictures of small children being duct taped to walls.
I can’t understand how anyone could find the above photo, for example, hilarious.

Why would you intentionally cause your child discomfort for the sake of a laugh or stupid photo op? And can you imagine what it feels like to remove the tape? I bet it hurts.

These parents obviously have no respect for their children. Children aren’t circus animals to be put on display — and laughed at — for the amusement and entertainment of adults.

It’s child abuse.

Would you think it was funny if someone duct taped you to a wall? Or duct taped your dog/cat to the wall? Besides, whatever happened to a good old-fashioned time out?

Ironically, over the weekend, a Texas day care center was investigated after a staffer allegedly duct taped two children to their sleeping mats when they wouldn’t go to sleep during naptime.

As you might imagine, when the parents found out they were furious and heartbroken.

I realize that everyone’s parenting style is different, but duct taping children is simply an unacceptable punishment and not something parents should do for a quick laugh.

That it happened at a day care center is appalling, but what’s equally concerning is that a popular parenting website chose to post these pictures without commenting about how disturbing and inappropriate they are.