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Legally Speaking: Jodi Arias trial could spill over into 2015

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The attorneys were back in the courtroom Tuesday in State v. Jodi Arias arguing over what an Arizona Court of Appeals Order meant and what direction this multimillion-dollar trial will take next.

Suffice it to say, nothing was resolved but we did learn significant things.

First, Arias’ attorney, Kirk Nurmi, enlightened the court on a little detail that we hadn’t heard until now. He believes he will need until late January 2015 to finish this trial. That is quite a bit different than the Dec. 18 date Judge Sherry Stephens gave the jury and prosecutor Juan Martinez agrees with.

Second, we learned Arias’ defense team is not rolling over and that they are going to respond to the Court of Appeals on the merits of the issue of sealing the courtroom for the secret witness (which is believed to be Arias herself).

Third, Stephens is sticking to the Court of Appeals order. More than once she indicated the courtroom could not be closed.

Fourth, Martinez will continue to push for the trial going forward. As he stated to the Court of Appeals, the state and the victim are against any stays (delays) of the trial.

At the end of the day, we are where we were Monday. The Court of Appeals told Stephens she couldn’t seal the courtroom to the media and the public. The attorneys disagree as to what that means and what can and should be done now.

When will we get an answer? I wish I could tell you. What I can tell you is that the jury will not be hearing another witness until Nov. 12 — yes, that’s next Wednesday.

And the drama continues.

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